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The Condescending Love of God

Peter Gammell
Peter Gammell
December 1, 2022

Condescension is a funny word. Most of the time it carries a negative connotation and is used as a synonym for words like arrogance and scorn. Yet, this word is also used to describe Jesus’ incarnation. The roots of the word are “con” (with/together) and “descend” (coming down). To say that Jesus condescended means that he came down to earth to be with us. Contrary to our first impression, Jesus’ condescension does not express God’s scorn for us, but rather his desire to be with us! Jesus is for you, not against you!

This advent as we ponder again the sweet mystery of Jesus’ condescension into humanity, remember that Jesus came down to connect with you. The same Jesus that walked this earth 2,000 years ago wants to connect with you through his Spirit and through his Word.

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