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The Incarnation gives us the whole picture of God

Peter Gammell
Peter Gammell
December 20, 2022

The way we view God matters. Some classic ways of portraying God lead us to put him in a box. We can see him as a holy, transcendent Creator who is righteous and just, but also distant and uninterested. On the flip side, we can view God as a personal friend and giver of advice, a near and dear counselor, but not someone with the ultimate authority over our lives. In Jesus Christ, we see the wonderful tension between God’s transcendence and his immanence. Jesus’ incarnation shows us that God is totally righteous and holy and has the authority to deal with sin. It also shows us that God loves us and wants to connect with us in a personal relationship. In Jesus, we are faced with the whole picture of God (Colossians 1:15).

So take heart. You can trust the word of Christ. He is completely holy and good, and will do what is right, and he cares for you and is near to you. When he speaks, you know he is inviting you into goodness and truth. 

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