Brandon Booth

Hi! Who am I?

Hmm, that’s probably too big a question to answer, so let’s start with a few basics: I’m a father of five, an historical theology nerd, a ministry leadership veteran, a family trauma survivor, and a recovering anxiety addict.

I grew up in Colorado and love to live in the tension of paradox. My favorite answers to deep questions are, “Yes AND No,” “I don’t know,” and “What do you mean by that?” My favorite response to seemingly contradictory theological positions is “Yes.” And I absolutely love to travel (not to arrive, but to be in a car or an airplane going somewhere!)

As a spiritual director I resonate most with the Benedictine principle of hospitality: “to welcome everyone as I would Christ.” I love to create spaces that are free of shame and open to possibility. I love to witness the story of your life, and to help you listen to God and deepen your connection to him.

I welcome directees of all kinds and have a special place for pastors and ministry leaders, mothers, fathers, young professionals, and exvangelicals or other Christians working through major transitions in their relationship with God and to religion.

On the note of transitions, I myself have been through a wide range of denominational and relational changes with God. I have landed in a somewhat eclectic, liturgical, confessional-Lutheran place, and I operate from that perspective unapologetically but open-mindedly.

I would love to get to know you, and, if God leads, be a hiking buddy on your spiritual journey for a while!

Questions before you schedule a session? I’d love to talk! You can email me or find me on Facebook.

Qualifications and Education


  • 2020-present: Co-founder and President of Signpost Inn
  • 2005-2014: Principal and teacher of a Christian Classical junior and senior high.
  • 1997-2019: Co-Executive Director and speaker at a national leadership camp ministry.

Blog posts: