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By Brandon Booth
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What's in the book:

Emotions play a central role in our spiritual journeys – yet they can be complex and confusing to navigate. So, I created an interactive toolbox to help.

This clickable pdf equips spiritual directors with visual tools to help them understanding emotions better. Great for personal use, each tool can also be easily shared with directees during sessions.

Tools included:

  1. Interactive wheel of emotions exploring 32 core emotions
  2. Guide to modulating (as opposed to controlling) emotions with practical suggestions.
  3. Emotional defense mechanisms quick reference
  4. Common cognitive distortions quick reference
  5. CBT triangle illustrated and simply explained

This toolbox is easy to keep open for quick reference during sessions, and the interconnected layout allows for intuitive navigation.

While created specifically with spiritual directors in mind, pastors, therapists, and anyone interested in exploring their emotions will also find this tool valuable.

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