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Signpost Inn Ministries strengthens people's relationship with Jesus and walks with them compassionately on their life's journey.

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Through spiritual direction, retreats, and resources, we help people grow confidence in Christ's unfailing love, and help them to think wisely about theology, prayer, spirituality and more.  Most importantly, we offer friendship and support so that no one has to journey alone.

With Jesus, joy becomes something gigantic and sadness something special and small.

"Christianity satisfies suddenly and perfectly humanity’s ancestral instinct for being the right way up; satisfies it supremely in this; that by its creed joy becomes something gigantic and sadness something special and small." -G. K. Chesterton

Does Christianity really satisfy our need to be the ‘right way up’? We must confess that we have thought this to be true about Christianity—that we have wanted it to be true—but we have not often experienced it to be true. 

We believe that Christianity is true, that it has solid answers to our tough questions, but we have sometimes felt that our hard-headed theology didn’t match our everyday experience. We believe truth about God can be known, but sometimes we feel that we do not know God. Sometimes the gap between our belief about God and our experience of him seems too large to bridge.

We believe that many share our struggle. We desire an intimate connection with the living and loving Triune God, but often feel that he is unwilling to be present. Some of us have sensed God’s presence in the past but been so beaten down by life that our connection with him feels tenuous. Others have never felt the presence of God. They may believe that God exists and is loving, but perhaps he does not love them. 

Many of us have rightly sought more connection with God at church. But whether through the church’s fault or our own, many of us did not find God’s presence, only programs. Where we should have found a home, many of us only found a house. 

Others have sought connection with God through greater effort. We poured ourselves into ministry, service, books, social media, or self-improvement. But most of us just got burnt out. 

Then there are those few who gave up hope entirely. We stopped believing we could experience joy as something gigantic and sadness as something small. We stopped hoping for the peace of God’s presence that surpasses understanding. So, we settled for whatever happiness we could dig out of this valley of tears. We turned to carnal pleasures or isolation.

We are the tired mom, the recently divorced, the burnt-out pastor, the student deconstructing their faith. We are the nurse who can’t catch a break, the daughter finding her way, the father whose family is a mess, the hopeful but unsure, and everyone looking for God. We all need to rest and reconnect. 

Signpost Inn is for everyone who needs to understand God and experience the peace of his presence. It’s for everyone who needs to slow down, take a breath, and listen to God’s voice. It’s for everyone who needs a little help on their spiritual journey. 

Signpost Inn is for everyone who desires to connect with God and find direction.

"And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit." -2 Corinthians 3:18 (ESV)

Our Philosophy. The why behind the what.

Signpost Inn is a passion for hospitality. We all need to be open to and accepted by other people. We need to know we have a place and a purpose. We need something to root us in the present, to stop our whirring thoughts for a moment. We need to be a guest. Sitting at a table, welcomed into a home, eating and drinking, connecting the body to the soul, these things are life, and hospitality makes it happen. The first place we all meet God is in another person.

Signpost Inn is also a conviction that the objective truth about God has subjective significance. We practice simple faith in Jesus as he is revealed in the Bible. We do not seek ecstatic or mystical experiences, though God may grant these consolations when he chooses. They are always pure gifts of God and are not necessary or sufficient causes of spiritual growth. We believe God is primarily known and encountered through the objective means of scripture, sacraments, and the gathering of saints (though we recognize that not all Christians see these things the same way). We also believe that when seen with the eyes of pure faith, every moment is also a sacrament, that is, an ordinary experience of God’s true presence.  

Finally, we accept that frailty and suffering characterize the Christian life more often than not. God uses affliction to produce hope in his love. Neither effort nor virtue guarantee we will feel close to God. Instead, prayer is characterized by slowing down, letting go, and consenting to his loving presence and action in every moment. In other words, our method is to “be still and know” God. We do not teach spiritual exercises as virtue training and we do not measure spiritual maturity by subjective feelings.

Meet our team.

Brandon Booth

President, Spiritual Director

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Liv Booth

Hospitality Coordinator

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Peter Gammell

Pastor, Ministry Ambassador

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Hope Griffin

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