Liv Booth is a New England girl living in the high desert of Colorado. On her long ministry travels she has learned to find beauty anywhere and to create hospitable spaces wherever she and her family land.

Called to mother five children and create a home with her husband Brandon, Liv is learning the long lesson of releasing control and expectations while embracing the moment and pursuing peace. She homeschools her children and teaches many of the folksongs she learned growing up to the kids of Cañon City Youth Choirs, which she founded in 2017.

Liv feels most called to the “Inn” element of Signpost Inn, to the powerful image of a lighted window welcoming the tired traveler, to the privilege of hearing people’s stories, and to being the stopping place on life’s journey, wherever the road may be taking them. As Hospitality Coordinator at Signpost Inn, Liv hosts weekly “Signpost Inn Evenings” and arranges food and welcome for Contemplative Prayer Retreats.

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