Take a minute to hear what people are saying. Literally, each of these testimonials are a minute or less.

Marlene - Contemplative Prayer Retreat

Attending a prayer retreat with Signpost Inn reminded Marlene that prayer–being with God and casting her cares on him–is an easy and beautiful thing she can do at home. Even in the midst of huge stress and worry.

"Going home, [Prayer] is not another hard thing on my list. It's a beautiful easy thing that I get to do when I wake up."

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Joel - Spiritual Direction

Joel's a pastor and a spiritual directee with Signpost Inn. Having a spiritual director has been "vital" for his spirituality, it means having someone to travel alongside him and help him understand his relationship with God.

"I think it's extremely dangerous for a pastor to think that they can do this all alone."

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Jana - Spiritual Direction

For Jana, spiritual direction means having someone present with her. Someone to quietly and firmly support her as she connects with God. It's the power of "presence" that shows her God.

"When I come into a spiritual direction appointment where there's the space to sit in presence with somebody and have a conversation, it helps me get out of my own head and offers perspective and insight that I couldn't come to on my own."

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Ted - Book Club

Meet Ted, The Signpost Inn Book club is giving him new insight into himself and some of the fears he clings to and hides from himself and even from God. It's giving him freedom to be completely open to God.

"It's a liberating feeling of being able to say, God, you are in control of these things, help me not to get locked down by my own scrambling around trying to cover all the bases, and then being in a panic because I can't."

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Isaac - Contemplative Prayer Retreat

Attending a prayer retreat with Signpost Inn gave Isaac safety and space to hear how God really thought about him. And it surprised him to discover that God loved him more than he sometimes feels.

"There is just so much depth to being slow enough to hear your own heart and to hear the the Lord speaking... it gave me the space to listen and to reflect on what the Lord was doing and saying."

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Toni - Spiritual Direction

Toni is a busy wife, mother, and coffee shop manager. Taking time each month to spend with a trusted group of friends in group spiritual direction is a vital to helping her slow down, and feel like she matters enough to do it.

"It's really for me, been self care. Like, I'm important enough. I'm worthy. This is important. And [I'm] allowing myself to come into a vulnerable space with others and, and feel loved and encouraged and walked with."

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William - Spiritual Direction

Meet William, he's been in spiritual direction with Brandon Booth and it's had a huge impact on him as he has learned to discern God's voice in his life.

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Jadon - Evenings at the Signpost Inn

Meet Jadon, he's a college student who spent a year in our home town and visited our weekly get-togethers at the Booth's home. We call them Evenings at the Signpost Inn.

"I think it was really cool that we could so easily and quickly get into conversations, it always felt very welcoming and no matter how serious or deep of a conversation we were having, it always felt very easy to join in and I definitely felt very loved."