spiritual direction

Strengthen your relationship with Jesus

Confidential, one-on-one sessions, online or in-person.

Practice the presence of God

You don’t need to ask God to be present. He already is. He cares about you and doesn’t demand more.
“God does not ask much of us, merely a thought of him from time to time... the least little remembrance will always be the most pleasing to him. One need not cry out very loudly; he is nearer to us than we think.”
~ Brother Lawrence. 17th century

Learn something old

Learn how to feel like you’re enough for God, and discover ancient, restful prayer practices that deepen your intimacy with him.
“The nature of love is that it shares everything. Love Jesus, and everything he has is yours.”
~ The Cloud of Unknowing. 14th century

Spiritual direction is having a hiking buddy on life's journey.

A spiritual director is specially trained to help you deepen your relationship with God, and experience his compassionate presence. Together in a confidential, one-on-one setting, a director listens to your story without judgment, and helps you consent more deeply to God’s love.

A director is a committed and compassionate advocate and listener. You can explore your doubts, fears, and frustrations with God, and your director will help you experience God’s loving presence.

With a director’s help you can discover a deeper more connected life with God.

“In spiritual direction we help people notice the signposts on their spiritual journeys, and make choices at a crossroads. We sit with them, tending the campfire when they are stuck; we celebrate when 'arrivals' of some sort offer a chance of rest and refreshment, and encourage them when God interrupts their complacency and invites them out on the road again.”
~ Sue Pickering, Spiritual Direction
“In spiritual direction, the question is not ‘What should be happening in my life?’
but ‘What is happening in my life?’ We look for God here, now, because the place
we are in in our lives is the place where we find God.”
~ Alice Fryling, Seeking God Together

Spiritual direction is not a program or a process

In spiritual direction you spend time with God, and a spiritual director supports and encourages you. A spiritual director is not an therapist or a coach. He or she does not tell you what to do, rather he or she directs your attention to God.

Spiritual Direction is a helping relationship, but the help offered is more like that of a companion on a journey than of an expert who, before the journey begins, advises what roads to take and answers the travelers questions. The companion tries to help the traveler read the maps, avoid dead ends, and watch out for potholes.
~ Barry and Connolly, The Practice of Spiritual Direction

A unique question

As you share your spiritual journey, a spiritual director will inevitably ask "the God question." This question can take many different forms, but it is this question that makes spiritual direction unique.  It's the invitation to notice where God is inviting or acting concretely and currently in your life, and then to "follow him."

Meet our spiritual director

Brandon Booth

Brandon is a trained spiritual director and the president of Signpost Inn Ministries. More than 25 years in ministry, and a long battle with anxiety, has given him a deep compassion for the complexity, difficulties, and joys of the spiritual journey. He loves befriending fellow travelers and accompanying them.

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Frequently asked questions

When might you seek out a spiritual director?

  • When you need to experience God's peace for anxiety, fear, doubt.
  • When you desire a deeper more intimate relationship with God.
  • When you need to be heard by a compassionate and objective listener.
  • When you are trying to discern God’s call or plan for you.
  • When you are heading out on a new path of growth.
  • When you feel disconnected from God, or when your relationship to him feels distant. 
  • When you are questioning God's existence, plan, or love.
  • When you need wisdom. 

What kinds of things can you learn in spiritual direction?

  • Interior reflection and healing guided by the Holy Spirit.
  • How to experience God as real and present in every part of your life.
  • That you are not a project or problem to be solved, but a beloved child of God.
  • How to slow down so that you can consent to and engage with solitude, silence, and stillness.
  • New ways to pray.
  • New practices for reading the bible.
  • New spiritual disciplines.

How does it work?

We recommend you meet once or twice per month, but you may adjust that as you feel necessary. There is no required duration and some people find that only a few meetings are helpful. Yet, as is fitting for a spiritual journey, be open to a long-term relationship.

Who can be a directee?

Anyone who is seeking to grow in their relationship with the triune God of the bible. There is no other criteria beyond a desire to know God the father through his son Jesus in the love of the Holy Spirit.

How much does it cost?

An initial hour-long session is free. Each additional session is $85.

What if I can't afford it?

We recognize that for some people, often those most in need of spiritual direction, cost is prohibitive. We desire that no one should be denied spiritual direction because of cost.

Through the generosity of many donors and other directees, we are  able to offer a sliding payment schedule for those in need. Please discuss your need during your initial session.

What about privacy?

Your privacy is of utmost importance. You have a right to expect confidentiality of the information you share with your spiritual director. We commit to holding our conversations in the strictest confidence.  

As part of their practice, your spiritual director may consult their own spiritual director regarding their work together. This is intended solely to provide additional perspective when necessary. At all times your identity will be held in confidence.

In some rare instances we are compelled to report or disclose information without your consent or authorization. These include expressions of interest to commit suicide or homicide, and abuse of a minor or the elderly.

Code of Ethics

Our spiritual directors operate by our Code of Ethics for Spiritual Directors.

Additionally our directors maintain a supervisor team that has at least one male and one female representative, and makes their contact information available to every directee. Should you ever have concerns about your director's conduct, please contact a member of their supervisory team.

Financial assistance

We desire that no one should be denied spiritual direction because of cost. Ask about financial assistance during your first free session.