You are not a project

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You are not a project

Brandon Booth
Brandon Booth
May 31, 2023

A look at ourselves in the metaphorical mirror is often an unpleasant experience. We have many filters through which we evaluate our progress in life. We often feel unacceptable, unworthy, not enough, too much... We come away with a list of to-do's because it feels better to be a project than a reject.


You are not a project! You're you! This is a core idea for Signpost Inn Ministries.  You're not a thing to be fixed, not a thing to be constructed or built.  You're not a project, you're you! You're a person to be loved, to be respected, to be enjoyed, to be supported. You are complex and you are unique. We want to be a space where you can experience other human beings  that are not using you to make themselves feel valuable.  We are a space where you're valuable. That's it. And we're happy you're here.

 The idea that you're not a project is so deeply embedded in what we do because we believe that's how Jesus sees us. He doesn't need me to be different than I am right now. He may want me to be different for my sake, but he doesn't need it.  

When you think about the stories where Jesus recognizes on a gut level the pain and hurts somebody's in, it really takes us into the mystery of the heart of God. Pause for a moment and consider that suffering of one person was so important that it stops God in his tracks. That he thinks it's worth pausing for and honoring that suffering.

 Now, Signpost Inn Ministries doesn't have the power to fix you in your sin,  but we do have the ability to honor you as a human being suffering from whatever it is, and to recognize and say, and for you to know that your suffering matters.

 I think that's the soil in which any of us grow. A place where you are valued because of who you are.  That's when I'm free to say, "You know what? I have this problem and I want to work on it, and I want to know how God wants me to fix it." But I know I'm not gonna be reduced to that problem or made into a success story.  Rather, somebody is going to respect my complexity, love me through it and support me as I change because they care about me as a person.

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