Hear Peter Gammell read this post to you:

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Arghh! I just wish I could find the balance!” Yeah, me too. It seems like every area of my life is always changing and leaving me feeling unsteady. So long as I believe I can find this balance, I feel a vague sense of guilt for not having it.

I was recently unpacking this idea with a friend and it occurred to me that what I meant by “balance” is a perfect emotional peace. Once I realized that, it became obvious that finding balance is impossible!

Additionally, chasing after this false sense of balance was keeping me from noticing the far more profound sense of balance that does actually exist in my life. By seeking after perfect emotional peace, I was missing the fact that Jesus was holding me safe and secure.

Here’s the illustration that has captured my experience. Each day of my life is a rock. Every rock is different and oddly shaped. Seeking after perfect peace is like hoping that every day would be a perfect brick. I imagine God building something wonderful out of my life because each day would be a brick he can use. So, these uneven rocks seem like junk to me. “What could God possibly do with these,” I wonder. I fully expect the picture of my life to just be a heap of rubble.

Imagine my surprise then, when Jesus is doing something beautiful with these irregular rocks!

Jesus has stacked the days of my life into a masterful statement of his love and provision! It's as if Jesus is saying, “I know life is crazy, but take a step back and look, I'm using all things for your good! I love you!”

And ironically, there is a certain peace I experience in knowing that even when I’m not at peace, Jesus is doing something beautiful in my life.

Friend, today let's give up the chase for perfect peace and instead attend to God’s love and presence which balance our crazy lives. We are safe in his arms.

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