Top 5 bogus reasons to avoid spiritual direction

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Top 5 bogus reasons to avoid spiritual direction

Brandon Booth
Brandon Booth
August 28, 2023

(Warning! Sarcasm ahead!)

1 I should be able to handle my life on my own.

1) I should be able to handle my life on my own.

A: Only God can handle his life on his own, my friend. And even he chose to become a human and depend on his friends. So unless you are better than God, then you need support, guidance, and love! In fact, you deserve it. God made us to thrive in friendship!

2 I'm too much I don't want to be a burden

2) I don’t want to burden my spiritual director with my life's story! I’m too much.

A: Yeah, ‘cause trusting me with your story, and allowing me to share Jesus' love for you, is a real “burden!” No, my friend, you are worth my time, just as I am worth my own spiritual director’s time! 

3 I complain about the same thing all the time

3) I always complain about the same thing, I’m sure my director is tired of hearing from me.

A: I say this one a lot, but I promise you, I’m not tired of hearing about your “problems” because I’m not tired of hearing about you. You matter. You are not a project to be fixed, but a soul to be honored. Your story is not a rough draft to be edited, but a masterwork of God to be witnessed and appreciated. 

4 I don't have the time

4) I don’t have time.

A: This one’s true. You don’t have time. We live in a world where time is the rarest of all resources. But the art of spiritual growth is the art of stealing time from the devil. He’s got a gazillion ways to keep you amped up, stressed out, and on the move. So I invite you to rebel! Take at least one hour a month to tell Satan he can stuff a sock in it. I’ll help!

5 I don't have the money

5) I don’t have the money.

 A: No worries. I got you. Let’s talk about what you can actually afford. At the same time, what could be more worth spending money on than the care of your soul?

Our feelings of frustration and deep longing for connection may be the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit calling us back into the strong arms of our Good Father. Calling us back to rest. Back to faith.  

I invite you to try spiritual direction with me. Let’s walk the winding road together. Let’s sit and tend the campfire when you’re stuck, celebrate together when ‘arrivals’ happen. I’ll help you notice God’s presence even in the busy and dark times, and together we can discern his gentle invitations for you to come closer to, and go deeper into his love. 

Now is the time to schedule your next session!

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