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Slowing down scares us

Peter Gammell
Peter Gammell
July 27, 2023

Slowing down scares us because we often find a host of unwanted feelings waiting for us. As human beings, we naturally run away from uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and why wouldn't we? They're uncomfortable! The problem is, running away is exhausting and we can't actually get rid of the uncomfortable reality from which we flee. So, we find that the supposedly restful time of slowing down actually feels threatening rather than comforting. We are overwhelmed, rather than filled with peace.

So, why in the world would we invite you to slow down in the first place?

There is a tremendous gift to received in slowing down and noticing reality. Our unwanted thoughts and feelings are not the only thing with us in that space of stillness. The gift is that God is present with us and he holds our whole beings in his arms. All our thoughts and feelings (the unwanted/unacceptable ones too). We can never overwhelm God with being "too much" or having too many thoughts and feelings. In his presence we are safe. My friend, Jesus understands us, like literally knows what we are experiencing, and his response is not judgment, but rather compassion. You are dearly beloved by God and he loves you, mess and all.

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