I am but a stranger here... comfort in a crazy world

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I am but a stranger here... comfort in a crazy world

Brandon Booth
Brandon Booth
January 23, 2024

I do not belong here—in this modern world I mean. I really don’t fit in. Sometimes, I feel like I’m the one who is crazy, but most of the time I’m certain it’s the world not me. Do you feel the same?

Honestly, the rules we have to live by are insane. It’s “Go, go, go!” all the time. And it’s true, we can’t stop—we have to work if we are going to eat! I’ve got kids to feed, bills to pay, people to please. The dishes need done, errands have to be run, and I really should exercise more, and read my bible more, and…

…Oh dear God, I just remembered…

…THIS YEAR IS AN ELECTION YEAR! There are sides I have to pick, causes I have to champion, issues I need to understand.

It’s all just… crazy. Surely this is not how things are supposed to be, right?!

Right! We are “foreigners and temporary residents on this earth” (Hebrews 11:13). The way they run things in this kingdom is nutty. Here it’s always
tit-for-tat and dog-eat-dog. Here we gotta earn every scrap and always keep one eye open.

That’s not the way we do things back home! No, in Jesus’ kingdom everything is always a gift. Here I'm nobody, but there I’m a child of the king! In God’s “economy” everything is free and good. Everyone is loved and valued. Everyone is provided for all the time. And it works there because nobody is selfish, or power hungry, or hiding evil motives. Back home, everyone has been transformed into the glorious likeness of Jesus.

And soon we’ll be back home! But we’re not there yet. So, for now we have to play by the rules of this crazy, sinful, foreign country.

But not entirely! We know there is a better way to do things, and we know that Jesus will eventually take over even this earthly kingdom and set it straight. Because “righteousness and justice are the foundations of his throne; faithful love and truth goes before him” (Psalm 89:14).

Let me be clear. We aren’t going to bring about God’s kingdom on earth through our fallen institutions. No amount of education, voting, or marching can overturn the rules of a sinful world. Christ alone has the power to transform the world. For now, our primary job is to love others, and then wait and watch for his return.

And in the meantime? Well, that’s an invitation to meditation. Knowing that you are a citizen of a different kingdom. Knowing that it’s not your responsibility to fix this present kingdom. Trusting that your time of sojourning here is temporary. How will that change how you move through this crazy world?

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