Not Home Yet-our road trip to heaven

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Not Home Yet-our road trip to heaven

Liv Booth
Liv Booth
June 18, 2024

“ARE WE THERE YET!?” - kids all over the nation take up the cry every summer on the family road trip. We sure hear it in our car!

And, I’ve been asking it about my and Brandon’s latest book too. We’re getting so close to publication … but we’re not there yet.

In case you’re not familiar with our project, here’s an excerpt from the introduction to Not Home Yet: how to be human in an inhuman world.

"How do frogs live in the desert? How do humans live in an inhuman world?

Well, that’s what this book is about. It’s a survival guide for frogs living in a desert. An instruction manual to help you find oases full of froggy friends. It’s about strengthening your relationship with Jesus and with others.

How? Well, that’s a big part of what follows, but we also have another goal: to teach you how to be human in an inhuman world. To help you become a creator of oases–a froggy friend to other weary and lonely frogs.

So, our purpose is twofold. To comfort and welcome the weary and the lonely, and to help them become comforters of others. We will show you how a human can live in an inhuman world, and how to be a true human to others."

So keep an eye out for news about publication, and please pray for these last few finishing touches! (Curious about the frog references? You’ll just have to get the book when it comes out! And buy a few for your friends.)

So when you hear the kiddos’ chorus of “Are we there yet!?”, let it be the cry of your heart, too. A froggy in the desert, longing for your happy forever-pond. We’re not home yet, but we’re getting closer every day.

Our book is a distillation of our mission. Signpost Inn Ministries is here to accompany you compassionately as you journey deeper into relationship with Jesus. How?

  1. Spiritual direction–one-on-one sessions with a dedicated listener who helps point out pitfalls and road signs on your journey with and to Jesus. At Signpost Inn Ministries, spiritual direction is rooted in the reality of Immanuel who speaks through the Holy Spirit in his Word.
  2. Individual and group retreats–the Lord calls us away sometimes to rest and hear him without the pressure of programs and productivity. Our facilitated retreats at breathtaking Starry Peaks Lodge in Westcliffe, CO (either on your own or with other travelers) are spaces of incarnate grace. A moment to lean back on the Lord and maybe ask him your questions or simply soak up his ever-present love for you, his beloved child. And this fall we also have a special retreat for pastors!
  3. Encouraging resources - our (brief!) weekly email is a great place to pause and reconnect with Jesus. The Signpost Inn Podcast (11,000 all-time downloads and counting) is always engaging, thoughtful and practical. We offer many other kinds of support as well - always with the goal of knowing the closeness of Jesus through the incarnate grace that is available to us even in this broken world - where we are Not Home Yet.

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