Use your stationary

Liv Booth
Liv Booth
November 17, 2021

I have held onto stationery that was “too special to use.” Have you? It cluttered up my drawer for years. Then somehow I was able to ask – What am I saving it for? What message would count as important enough? What circumstance would justify using it up?

May I suggest a use for it? Grocery lists. Doodles that you throw away. A bookmark.

What occasion justifies the use of lovely things? My life! My “everyday” deserves to be adorned. I am a beloved child of God, headed for a glorious resurrection, on a quick trip to the store with “milk, apples, cinnamon” scrawled on my “too special” stationery. Child of God, you’re a co-heir with Jesus! You can be free with all things. Nothing is too special for you. Use your stationary!

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