This is why we exist

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This is why we exist

Brandon Booth
Brandon Booth
May 2, 2023

We all need to connect. We all need to be accepted; to have a place and a purpose. We need something to root us in the present, to stop our whirring thoughts for a moment. We need to be a guest. Sitting at a table, welcomed into a home, eating and drinking, connecting the body to the soul, these things are life. 

Many of us have rightly sought this connection at church. But whether through the church’s fault or our own, we did not find God’s presence, only programs. 

Others have sought connection through greater effort. We poured ourselves into ministry, service, books, social media, or self-improvement. But in the end we burnt out. 

Still others gave up hope entirely. We stopped looking for acceptance and the peace of God’s presence that surpasses all understanding and settled for whatever small, isolated pleasures we could dig out of this valley of tears.

We all need to connect… 

Signpost Inn is a passion for connection. Signpost Inn is an open door, a wayfarer’s light in the window, a table spread with delicious food, a fire in the hearth, the sound of singing, a good cigar with a close friend. These things are life, and hospitality makes it happen. 

Signpost Inn is welcome for the tired mom, the recently divorced, the burnt-out pastor, the student deconstructing their faith. We are rest for the nurse who can’t catch a break, the daughter finding her way, the father whose family is a mess. Signpost Inn is support for the hopeful but skeptical, the lonely who feel like they are the only ones, and everyone looking??? for God. 

Signpost Inn is an idea, a passion, a dream, more than a place. Our mission is to help people connect with God and find direction.

We offer spaces where people can just be, where we enjoy good food, great conversation, and learn to be human in an inhuman world. 

We offer one-on-one Spiritual Direction where a trained director takes the time to truly listen to you and your story, and to help you notice God’s presence and hear his voice in your life. 

And we host retreats and conferences unlike any you’ve attended before, because we merge theologically-rich content with connection-rich practice and community. 

Signpost Inn is not a place - it’s the incarnate grace of hospitality.

People like you make this mission possible! Join our team as a monthly supporter so that we can continue to create spaces of welcome, rest and support for weary travelers.

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