The first place we meet God...

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The first place we meet God...

Liv Booth
Liv Booth
May 10, 2023

Here's what's so wonderful about our incarnate God. If we want to know who the God of the universe is, and that's a big, huge question, We have a face to look at, the face of Jesus. We have a specific person to know.

Signpost Inn is a ministry of specificity. We have things that we know that are big truths, but when you're really living it one person at a time, (e.i. the most important person is the person who's in front of you right now), then we have that specific place to show love, to show acceptance, to show welcome.  And that's what Jesus did and does. He shows us who God is because Jesus is the full revelation of the Father.

 So if we want to know who is the God of the cosmos, we get to see a face. And by reflection during a hospitable moment, we see that face in hosts and between hosts and guests as well.  Signpost Inn sees the opportunity of creating hospitable spaces among people who understand that love, understand that freedom, and want to be able to show that by  bringing you into my home, giving you some bread, we believe this is what the Lord would do.

Another one of the big ways that we meet God in another person is that a person can actually live in our real life with us.  We can slip up and do something stupid and they still accept us. That's a huge piece of recognizing that, "okay, if this human can do it, I guess God actually might listen. He might want to hear, even if I have the weirdest question." We have these funny feelings about what we're allowed to say to God, but we practice it with people and it's the same relationship with God.

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