Simple Faith

Brandon Booth
Brandon Booth
May 3, 2022

Hear Brandon Booth read this post to you:

Simple Faith

4 years of college and all that money gone, and I’m here working at the coffee shop living at home, Sarah thought angrily. I thought you had a plan for my life, God. I thought I was supposed to do something. But here I am, what good am I? Where are you?

… and the years go by …

2 kids, 1 ex-husband, and I can barely pay the rent. Getting out of bed felt impossible that morning. Come on Lord, give me a break already! I don't know if I can do it today. 

… years …

Why, Lord? Why? Wasn't it enough to take away my dreams? To take away my marriage! Now you are letting my son just walk away!? Really! I don't understand, I can't.

… meanwhile…

"Have you seen my servant Sarah?" God said to Satan. "No one else on earth is like her. She has great faith!"

"Wait, what?" Satan was surprised. "Sarah? She's ridden with my spirit of anxiety and self-condemnation. Hell's dogs of doubt chew on her soul every evening. She's disconnected, mostly forgotten, and not a little bitter. But you think she has great faith?" 

"Yes, I do." 

"Whatever! I mean I don't see it."

"Of course you don't see it, you believe the lies you tell her. She rarely feels like she is faithful, but I don't measure her faith by her feelings. I measure her faith by her dependence. She has never stopped talking to me, every day she gets up, puts her life in my care and lives. That is enough."

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