Sand Grouse Spirituality

Brandon Booth
Brandon Booth
August 30, 2022

Hear Brandon Booth read this post to you:

Sand Grouse Spirituality

Sand Grouse are a beautiful species of bird that live in treeless, arid environments across Africa and Asia. And they have a particularly impressive ability. 

During the mating season, the monogamous pair work together to keep their chicks alive and safe from the scorching heat of the desert. During the night the little family broods together to stay warm, and during the day the female shades the tiny hatchlings with her wings while the male flies off to fetch water. 

And here’s where things get interesting! The male will fly 30 miles or more to find water. And once he finds it, he hunkers down, spreads his feathers and soaks up as much as he can with his specially designed tummy feathers. 

For as long as 15 minutes, he’ll just sit there in the water, gently rocking back and forth, letting his feathers soak up as much water as possible. Then, he flies all the way back to his nest where his little babies squeegee the water from his feathers to satisfy their thirst. 

I find this image evocative. Life is hard. It’s a parched and dry place, and the need for life-giving water is urgent. But I needn’t rush the process. Perhaps I can learn from the Sand Grouse to take the time to “soak up” the Word and presence of God without hurry.  

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