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God IS-es too much!

Brandon Booth
Brandon Booth
July 13, 2021

God IS-es too much.

When the Christian mystics experience union with God as "silence" or "nothing," it is not because God is really no "thing," as if he was nonexistent, but because he is not a thing like all other things. God is not one being among many other beings. God IS. And He is-es so much that he overwhelms our perceptive abilities.

Just like staring into the sun makes us go blind, not because of the absence of light, but because it's too much light, so, being unified with God is too much being for us to experience as a being.

Similarly, we must not understand the singular God as a single person. Not because God is not personal, but because he’s too much personal. His personhood transcends singular human personhood like three dimensional space transcends one dimensional space.

All of this is why God may only be known to our limited minds through Jesus and his written word. God had to veil his being. He had to conform himself to forms that could be received by our perceptive apparatuses. If we want to know God we must know him through Jesus.

But nor should we fear "mystical" experiences of God. While they cannot teach us things that we can clothe in human words or perceive with human minds, they serve another purpose. The experience of the inexpressible, unperceivable, superabundance of IS cleanses our hearts and unbinds our worship.

"I will sing, I will sing your praise. Awake my soul. Awake lyre and harp. I will awake the dawn" (Ps 56:7-8).

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