Chaos and Harmony

Brandon Booth
Brandon Booth
October 20, 2021

The chaos of uncertainty is an opportunity to rebuild my understanding of the world and adjust my behavior to fit it better. I need to be more assertive. That's a fact I've known for a long time. I've been practicing. I am growing.

The chaos of uncertainty is also an opportunity to experience the love and protection of God. I'm not alone, I'm not without support. I am practicing placing my mind, body, heart and soul (there are specific practices for each of those elements) into the care of God who is running the show.

Chaos itself is the ultimate illusion. What we experience as chaos is really just the limits of our frail knowledge and perceptions. Divine harmony is the true base of reality.

This is a statement of faith, but it is faith based on experience. My internal chaos brought me in due time to fellowship. That is the hand of God. Evidence of underlying harmony of everything.


Who am I? Who is God? These are the same question from two different sides.

Who am I? I am a beloved son of God with whom he is well pleased. I am a golden thread woven into the great tapestry of existence. I am a single silver note in the huge harmony of reality. I have steps to take in the divinely choreographed dance of history. I am important and cared for. The whole is greater than me and at the same time, it is for me.

Who is God? Read the above answer. God is the good father, the weaver, the composer, the choreographer. He works for the good of the whole without failing to intimately love and care for the individual people. God does it all for us, and we do it all for him.

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