Are you stuck? Detours and roadblocks on our journey with God.

Brandon Booth
Brandon Booth
September 27, 2023
Are you stuck? Detours and roadblocks on our journey with God.

Hear Brandon Booth read this post to you:

Are you stuck? Detours and roadblocks on our journey with God.

What I remember most is the frustration. I know that I also felt immense anger and sadness at times, but my memory of those emotions has faded. What I remember most clearly from that time of trauma, are the vast swaths of time when I felt stuck. When I felt blocked and lost.

I know I’m not alone.

Getting stuck doesn’t even require traumatic events. It can happen on a random Tuesday. Suddenly WHAM! I hit a roadblock in my spiritual life. Or I can have the slow recognition over many months that somehow I’ve taken a detour and have no idea how to get back on the right road.

However it happens, I don’t like it. I want my journey with God to be always “on track” and “making progress.” I want that good feeling of “accomplishing something” and “moving forward” in my spiritual life.

What would happen if I reframed this narrative?

But what would happen if I reframed this narrative?

What if this roadblock is an invitation to stop for a time? To reflect and savor? What if it’s less an obstacle and more a sign saying, “point of interest”?

What if this detour is not a wrong turn, but the scenic route? A slow drive with the windows down and the rich smell of autumn? A moment to notice the leafy tongues of fire dancing on every branch of every tree?

Could I notice God with me? Could I feel invited to see that I’m not stuck, but held in Jesus’ loving embrace? Could I accept that I’m already on the right path towards a cool stream? That I’m not lost but led by a good shepherd.

Perhaps... How do you feel about it?

Our most recent podcast explores how a spiritual director can help you notice God’s presence and receive his invitations whenever you encounter a detour or roadblock in your spiritual life. You also might like this podcast with RoseMarie Jackson on Universal Betrayal: Grief, anxiety, depression, and the love of God.

Invitation to practice

“Point of interest” practice.

Rather then rushing past a roadblock or through a a detour, take a moment to pause and notice “where” you are. I invite you to journal your answers to these questions:

  1. How did I get here? Briefly tell the story of how you got to this point in life. Try not to judge, simply observe and feel about it.
  2. What are the predominate feelings I have about being on this detour or at this roadblock? Where and how do I feel these feelings in my body? Again, try to withhold judgement, instead, observe and make space for you feelings.
  3. Where is God for and with me in this place? Read  Psalm 23 and, if you are able, surrender to it as a description of reality.

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