We are Children

Hear Peter Gammell read this post to you:

I’m sitting in the office, working on some blog articles and emails, hard at work doing my adult responsibilities.

Down the hall I hear the small, piercing voice of a child, “Momma? Momma? Need help.” (We rent office space from a local pregnancy center.) A few seconds pass before the child's cry sounds again down the hall, "Momma?? Momma? Need help!"

The child is relentless in calling out for his mom to respond to him. He is totally oblivious of social graces. Uncaring about how he was perceived, he persisted in his goal, getting the attention of his mom.

After a minute or so of frustration with this child who was ruining my ability to focus, I had a revelation. All at once, some part of me resonated with that child, like there was some piece of my soul singing in harmony with the kid's cries. Even as I reflect on that moment right now, I feel a deep stirring of empathy and sadness. I related to the helplessness in the child's voice and the isolation of thinking that no one was responding to my pleas for help.

At our core, you and I are children of God. And I think if we take a moment to notice, we might find a similarly insistent voice calling out, “Papa? Papa! Need help!”

As was graciously modeled for me that day in the office, the great secret of being a child is that many of the problems that we face are made right once we are in our Father's arms.

God, your Father, loves you!

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