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Travel Light

Liv Booth
Liv Booth
September 8, 2021

Travel Light: When something breaks


I love that word. It just means “breakable,” but it’s way more fun to say. With five kids, a husband, and frequent guests in the house, things break. Most often it’s something unimportant, but once in a while it’s something precious. The smash of glass, the crack of a breaking chair, can cause a similarly destructive emotional response, but it doesn’t have to.

When something breaks, I say “Travel light!” I’m a pilgrim and a wanderer in this world. I share what I may have with fellow travelers, and I have so much! I don’t expect to keep and carry all my stuff all through my journey. A heavy backpack would slow me down. Travel light! Let things go when they break. Phew! What a relief!

Objects, ordinary and precious, are frangible. But they were always going to be temporary; you don’t take it with you, right? I use my space and welcome others into it, even if there’s collateral damage to objects. The smash of a glass or crack of a chair leg is a call: “Travel light!”

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