Stealing time

Hear Peter Gammell read this post to you:

You and I don’t have enough time. That’s why we’ve got to steal it.

The Holy Spirit, that mischievous usurper of the world’s priorities, beckons us to steal time away from the boring grown-up conversations about death and taxes. Jesus himself whispers, “Follow me, I know a secret hideout!” Our heavenly Father catches our eye as we depart and winks knowingly as if to say, “I’ll meet you there!”

The Trinity conspires with us to steal time away from the world and spend it with him. God doesn’t need anything from us, He simply delights to be with us.

The world echoes Urgency’s cries, “Immediate action needed!” but Jesus' voice is calm and clear, “only one thing is truly necessary” (Luke 10:42). The world protests, “you can’t waste that time on God!” Jesus replies, “Time with my beloved is never wasted.”

Friend, Jesus delights in you. The real you. The exhausted, not-sure-I-can-go-much-farther you. He isn’t here to add more onto your plate. He wants to steal you away from Urgency’s domain and to simply be with you. God, with the entirety of his being, is for you.

So, take Jesus’ hand, sneak away, and go steal some time

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