What spiritual direction is. Walking life's journey with God.

Spiritual direction is two people listening together to the Holy Spirit. It is a unique relationship where one person accompanies another person on their spiritual journey toward ever greater attunement, openness and responsiveness to God's presence and love.

Spiritual direction is concerned with spiritual growth, spiritual healing, and spiritual transformation. A spiritual director listens contemplatively and compassionately to you and the Holy Spirit and facilitates your growing friendship with God. Ultimately the focus is on deepening your intimacy with Jesus.

“In spiritual direction we help people notice the signposts on their spiritual journeys, and make choices at a crossroads. We sit with them, tending the campfire when they are stuck; we celebrate when 'arrivals' of some sort offer a chance of rest and refreshment, and encourage them when God interrupts their complacency and invites them out on the road again.”
~ Sue Pickering, Spiritual Direction

What spiritual direction is not.

Spiritual direction is not a program, it is not a “process,” nor is it a checklist or system of advice. In simple terms, spiritual direction is time spent intentionally with God. A spiritual director is not an expert or religious authority. In their book The Practice of Spiritual Direction, Barry and Connolly express it well:

Spiritual Direction is a helping relationship, but the help offered is more like that of a companion on a journey than of an expert who, before the journey begins, advises what roads to take and answers the travelers questions. The companion tries to help the traveler read the maps, avoid dead ends, and what out for potholes.  

Spiritual direction is distinct from counseling or therapy, and it is neither discipleship nor pastoral care. Though it may at times have many similarities to these other valuable endeavors.