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Our mission is to help any Christian connect with God and find his direction for their life. We provide space at life’s crossroads for rest, reflection and reconnection to God through the incarnate grace of hospitality, the practice of prayer, and biblical education.

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Spiritual Direction is two people listening together to the Holy Spirit. It is a unique relationship where one person accompanies another person on their spiritual journey toward ever greater attunement, openness and responsiveness to God's presence and love.

Retreats & Conferences. Our prayer retreats and conferences offer space and support so you can slow down and connect with God.

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Marlene - Contemplative Prayer Retreat

Attending a prayer retreat with Signpost Inn reminded Marlene that prayer–being with God and casting her cares on him–is an easy and beautiful thing she can do at home. Even in the midst of huge stress and worry.

"Going home, [Prayer] is not another hard thing on my list. It's a beautiful easy thing that I get to do when I wake up."

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