Contemplative Prayer Workshop

March 24, 2022
5:00 pm
7:00 pm
Mountain Time
Zoom Virtual Meeting
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What is Contemplative Prayer? 

Sometimes it’s hard to hear God’s voice and experience his presence. He feels distant and uncaring. There’s just so much noise in the world, and in our own minds. Our thoughts can feel like runaway freight trains, full of worries, fears, and self-criticisms.

Contemplative prayer is a simple practice of filling our consciousness with a scriptural word or phrase as a way of casting all our cares on God and resting in the peace of his presence. It is consenting to and receiving his present love and care.

Your host: Brandon Booth

Brandon has over 25 years of ministry experience and is the co-founder of Signpost Inn along with his wife Liv. He studied philosophy in college and later received a Masters in Historical Theology. His passion for prayer and helping others reconnect to God drove him to co-found Signpost Inn after personal tragedy forced him to rely on Jesus in ways he never had before.

Brandon is currently an apprentice spiritual director and has been practicing and teaching about contemplative prayer since 2019.

Brandon Booth

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In this workshop you’ll:

  • Learn the rich biblical and historical roots of contemplative prayer
  • Discover what makes it distinctly Christian and Christ-centered.
  • Explore a simple method for practicing it.
  • Take time to actually experience it with guidance.

Each participant will also receive a PDF packet full of useful resources and additional helps.


Zoom Virtual Meeting
Canon City
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